Welcome to Olea Health. If you are looking for an experienced professional Naturopath, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Osteopath or Counsellor then you have come to the right place. With a variety of professional and experienced Natural Health Practitioners on staff, we are excited for you because of the difference you will feel when you move towards higher levels of wellness.

At Olea one of our motto’s is ‘Test don’t Guess’. As a result we not only offer highly skilled practitioners we also offer a large variety of tests, many of which are included at no extra cost in your initial consultation. We believe a ‘Test’ is much better than a guess. Our tests both internal and external, allow us to more accurately assess your individual situation and enable us to provide you with your own specific treatment process which enables a more speedy response to your circumstances and setting you on the road to better health, energy and vitality.

We have two clinics in Brisbane one on  Brisbane North and one on Brisbane South, and we also offer Clinic Services in Alstonville which services Lismore, Alstonville and Ballina areas of Northern NSW and also in Gladstone. (details below)  Olea Health South Clinic is located in 3464 Pacific Highway Springwood (just down the service road from Aldi) also servicing areas such as Daisy Hill, Rochedale, Chatswood, Underwood and Logan City  and Olea Health North Clinic  is located in Shop 6 Eaton Central 6-12 Bunya Park Drive Eatons Hill  and also services areas such as Albany Creek, McDowell, Bridgeman Downs, Northlakes and the Strathpine and Pine Rivers area in Brisbane’s North.

Extensive Product Range

As no two bodies are alike, we understand your unique needs and carry an extensive range of natural therapy products. We are excited to provide Naturopathic supplements, Western Herbs,  Liquid Herbal Mixtures, Shake It Weight Loss products and Homeopathic Medicine.

Our on-site Dispensary carries an extensive range of ‘Practitioner Only’ Naturopathic supplements such as Metagenics, Mediherb, Blackmores, Orthoplex, Dr Vera’s and Thorn, to name a few. No need to travel all over town for your product…we sell what we prescribe.

Act today for a better future

Over the past 20+ years we have successfully treated 1000’s of patients and have discovered that your health often deteriorates slowly over time, and sub-clinical conditions begin to occur that often don’t show up in routine tests. In some cases, a meeting with us may yield an immediate treatment solution, however because we take an holistic approach to your health, it may be that a longer program of treatment is necessary and appropriate for your individual situation.

During the treatment time we will help to restore your body to more optimal health and wellbeing. Follow your own individually designed plan, and you will get the best long term results for your body. As you read the information on our site, you will gain a better understanding of the healing process and you will be strongly rewarded for making the commitment to being as well as you possibly can.

Our Work with Compassion

Olea Health proudly sponsors 10 ‘Compassion’ children around the world in Indonesia, Thailand, Bukino Faso, Tanzania, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Ecuador. We also support children’s work in the Philippines through Joshua Care International.

If you would like to learn more about these organisations or contribute to releasing children from the slavery of poverty and hopelessness then please contact one of our friendly staff who will gladly discuss with you, or click on the links below.

For more information visit:
Joshua Care International

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