Frequently-Forgotten Maintenance Tips for Your Contact Lenses

Posted On: February 12, 2014

Maintaining your lenses may seem like second nature to you if you’ve been wearing them for years, potentially even decades, but it’s this precise fact that allows us to forget to perform a simple maintenance item one time, and eventually allows us to let it fall out of our routine altogether.

For this reason, sometimes it’s useful to go over the very basics when it comes to caring for our contacts to ensure both the health of our eyes, and our bank balance. With this in mind, take note of the following points and make sure you’ve not let any of them fall out of your routine in recent months:

Keep a Spare Case on You

Your lenses must always be kept in a case when you’re not using them, and if you’re out and about there’s always a chance that you can lose your main case, therefore you must keep a spare case (along with a share bottle of solution) with you at all times, to ensure your lenses don’t get dusty or discarded once you take them out.

Though these lenses aren’t the cheapest thing in the world, it’s too dangerous to put in a dirty lens, therefore if you don’t have a spare case on you when you need one you’ll end up throwing away perfectly good lenses.

Never Use Tap Water to Clean Your Lenses

Tap water comes in a variety of states, with some supposedly okay to drink (drinking water) and others not so. The problem here is, even if tap water is okay to drink that doesn’t mean it’s completely free of harmful chemicals. Our bodies have evolved to not be bothered by certain chemicals in small doses, but the same can’t be said of your delicate lenses.

To combat this, make sure you have a small bottle of your cleaning fluid with you at all times. If you’re looking to purchase some new contact lenses , keep in mind you’ll need to buy ample storage fluid for them, as this will have to be changed daily so to ensure cleanliness.

Always Wash Your Hands if Handling Your Lenses

We all know we should do this, but often it’s just so much easier to wipe our hands on our shirt and assume that’s job done.

There’s no substitute to thoroughly washing your hands. The amount of bacteria we pick up on our hands on a daily basis is terrifying, meaning if you don’t wash your hands before handling your lenses you will transfer all of this bacteria to them, and ultimately to your eyes.

Never Swim Wearing Your Lenses

Swimming with lenses in can be very harmful, with many stories emerging detailing people who have been left blinded, either temporarily or permanently, due to doing so. To combat this, you’ll have to purchase a pair of prescription swimming goggles.

Now, as you’d imagine, these goggle’s are on the pricey side, but if you enjoy swimming it’s the only safe solution for you, as the potential downsides of swimming in your lenses well outweigh the downsides of having to shell out a little extra money for some goggles.

In conclusion, maintaining your lenses may seem like second nature to you if you’ve been wearing them for years, but it’s very easy for even simple, obvious maintenance items to fall out of our routine, such as remembering to keep a spare case on us at all times, never using tap water to clean our lenses, always washing our hands before handling them, and never wearing them when we go swimming.

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