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Jenny Wylie

ND; MHA; BAppSc; Adv Dip NAT; Adv Dip Herbal Medicine; MACN; ANPA; ASBRM

staff-jenny-wylie Available for appointment at Olea Health Springwood, Eatons Hill, Alstonville and Gladstone – Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist  Jennifer works as a Naturopath and Health Care Practitioner at each of our Clinics. Jennifer worked as a Nurse and Midwife for 40 years before obtaining her qualifications as a  Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist.   She is also a qualified practitioner in Biomesotherapy (pain management), Heart Health Screening, Olea Health Weight Loss System (OWL) and the Shake It Weight Loss Management System.

Jennifer’s experience in health care spans 40 years during which time she has gained amazing insights into both natural and contemporary medicine. Jennifer uses a number of diagnostic processes including Pathology, Live Blood Screening, IgG Testing, QRMA and Cellular Health Analysis as part of her extensive testing regime to ensure accuracy and correct treatment processes for her patients.

Her particular areas of interest include General Health & Healing (particularly Womens Health), Fertility, Thyroid Health, Weight Loss, Detoxification, Children’s Health, Skin Disorders, Pain Management, Fatigue and Stress Management.

Jennifer is a passionate practitioner who combines her skills and experience from both sides of medicine to ensure her patients receive the best individual health treatment and ongoing care.

Jackie Ludwig

BHSc(Nat), DipHSc(Nut), DipHSc(HerbMed), Dip Rem Mass

Available for appointment at Olea Health Springwood – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist

Jackie is an experienced and highly qualified Naturopath, graduating with a Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2004, then completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2006. Since then she has been practicing Naturopathy and Remedial Massage for over a decade in Brisbane offering professional and friendly care. Jackie has helped hundreds of people from all over Australia, from infants to the elderly and everyone between.

Naturopathic consultations with Jackie entail thorough case taking, traditional naturopathic assessments including iris, tongue and nail analysis, further assessments such as indican testing for gut health and live blood screening as well as integrating functional pathology testing when required. Treatment plans incorporate herbal medicine and nutritional medicine as well as individually tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations to bring about your best health.
Jackie has special interests in helping people with fertility, digestive disorders, stress related conditions such as anxiety and insomnia, and hormonal imbalance including thyroid imbalance and blood sugar imbalances.
Remedial massage allows Jackie to help relieve your tight muscles as well as improve nutrient flow to heal muscles that need it. This can help prevent injuries and improve performance for physical activity, or life in general.
Jackie is passionate about helping people achieve the best health and wellness results possible so that they can enjoy life and live life to the max!

Vinola Bandi

ND; MSc(Biochemistry); BSc(Chemistry); Adv Dip NAT; Adv Dip Herbal Medicine; ANTA

Available for appointment at Olea Health Springwood and Eatons Hill- Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist.

Vinola strongly believes that Natural Medicine is fundamental in sustaining physical and mental well-being in a world where twenty-first century living and our way of life often contradicts what it is to remain balanced and healthy..

As a qualified and experienced Naturopath with a degree in Biochemistry and a lifelong passion in the health sciences, Vinola draws upon a combination of institutional, alternative and natural medicine to improve the wellbeing of her patients and for them to reach their health goals.

Vinola’s approach is to get to the root cause of a patient’s health issue and for them to use their own vital force to heal rather than band-aid solutions which are common in mainstream medicine. Clients can expect initial consultations to include naturopathic questioning, which may involve tongue and nail analysis, iridology, dietary planning, herbal medicine and nutritional medicine to provide actionable steps to improve health and wellbeing.

Vinola also uses various diagnostic tools such as Pathology, Live Blood Screening, IgG testing, and Indican testing for gut health for further assessment.

Her speciality areas include women’s’ health, weight loss/weight gain, depression/anxiety, energy and stress management, thyroid health, detoxification, insulin resistance, immune support, endocrine issues, fertility and digestive disorders.

Remedial Massage

Masami Harukawa

Dip Remedial Massage; Cert iv Massage AAMT, Massage Therapist

Available for appointment at Olea Health Springwood

Masami is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Dry Needling Practitioner who’s passion is to help anyone wanting to alleviate muscular dysfunction and reduce discomfort and pain or just maintain healthy muscle function. With a broad range of techniques Masami is a sort after Remedial Massage Therapist with a reputation for excellent results as her many returning patients testify. 

Masami achieves excellent results with Lower Back Pain in particular and has assisted many of her patients achieve flexibility and reduced pain levels normally associated with this type of condition.  Masami is passionate about her treatments and her patients and enjoys seeing her patients recover and improve after each treatment.  Ask for Masami next time you need a Remedial Massage and don’t forget to inquire about Dry Needling as part of you treatment; Masami is covered by most Private Health Funds.


Fran Nguyen

SRN; OND; Masters Soc Sc & Counselling; ACA

staff-franAvailable for appointment at Olea Health Springwood

Fran is married with three teenage boys. She has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, Pakistan and here in Australia as both a registered nurse and as an addiction therapist. She has recently completed her Masters in counselling at the Christian Heritage College. She currently works as a counsellor in several locations around Brisbane and continues to work part time as a registered nurse.


Keith Lynch

MSW(completing), BSc(psych), DipMin; Cert Min; Cert Biblical Studies; Cert Crisis Negotiation; Cert IV TAELLN

Available for appointment at Olea Health Eatons Hill.

Keith has a heart for people which is reflected in his desire to provide face-to-face counselling and high quality dynamic workshops as an accredited trainer for groups. The many hours of counselling and industry experience over 30 years has provided Keith with the tools and insight that helps people achieve their best.

He is available for children, youth, pre and post marriage counselling, family therapy, effective communication and conflict resolution, coping with stress and work-life balance and a range of other counselling services. Best of all his practice opens after 5pm weeknights.

For more information please call Keith direct on 0406 398 982 or Olea Health Eatons Hill on 3325 5512

Osteopathy & Acupuncture

Dr Paul Gray

DO; ACU; Macert Nat Osteopath

DSCF5548(4)Available for appointment at Olea Health Springwood Only Renown International Osteopath Dr Paul Gray was born in Cleethorpes, in the UK. At the age of 24, he fractured his lumbar spine, falling from a ladder. After three years of crippling pain, which motivated him to seek treatment from a number of different health care practitioners, he was successfully treated by an Osteopath who practiced Osteopathy and acupuncture together. Paul considers his injury and recovery the most formative event in his life and it sparked an intense life long interest in the holistic treatment of pain and chronic disability. Paul practices: Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Paul studied Osteopathy in New Zealand with postgraduate training in UK. In 1995 he studied Veterinary Osteopathy with Mr. Anthony Pusey at the Haywood’s Heath Veterinary hospital in the UK. Returning to New Zealand Paul studied Acupuncture in Auckland. Paul Graduated from the New Zealand college of Osteopathy in November 1990 and his postgraduate Acupuncture from Auckland University AUT Akoranga in 2002, he also has diplomas in Chinese herbal medicine and Naturopathy. Paul has worked in Holistic Osteopathic clinics in: Singapore, UK, New Zealand and Thailand.

Marrietta Wai-Ying Lam

BHlthSc Acupuncture; BBusHlth; CMBA; ANTA

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.30.45 pmAcupuncturist – Available for appointment at Olea Health Springwood & Olea Health Eatons Hill Marrietta is a qualified Acupuncturist and Chinese Massage Therapist. She holds a Bachelor of Acupuncture, a Bachelor of Business and has been a dance teacher/choreographer for the past 20 years. Combining her experience of observing human behavior and movement in the dance industry with her style of acupuncture practice, these are based on the most essential belief in Chinese Medicine – balance. Whether you are experiencing a chronic problem, a recent injury or want to achieve optimal health, restoring balance is the key to your well-being. Treating many dance and athletic types, Marrietta has also assisted women going thru IVF treatments with the aim of increasing pregnancy success. The benefits have shown acupuncture reducing stress during the IVF treatment as well as stimulating blood flow to the uterus and ovaries to influence the menstrual cycle and ovulation. At Olea Heath you will experience a warm, inviting setting, you will feel comfortable. Marrietta encourages questions and brings knowledge and compassion to my work. Using acupuncture and Chinese massage she will create a specific treatment designed just for you. Marrietta also works closely with IVF clinics. To learn more about IVF and Fertility click here.

Personal Trainer

Troy Symons

Cert 3 & Cert 4 Fitness & Master Trainer

Personal Trainer. Troy is a highly qualified Personal Trainer with Certificate III and IV in Fitness as a Master Trainer and is a level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach. Troy is also registered with Fitness Australia, the governing body for the Australian fitness industry. Troy has over 8 years professional experience as a Trainer including experience with training older adults and people with specialist medical conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Conditions and Injury recovery.  He employs a functional approach to training and works with his clients, enabling them to reach their personal goals and objectives.   Troy’s understanding that each person is unique and therefore has different needs and goals allows him to tailor specific and unique programs that are most beneficial to each person he trains. As Troy says “I have always loved Fitness and Martial Arts both as a kid and as an adult, and have always liked helping people and teaching them, so it was a natural move to follow my passion and become a Personal Trainer”

Phone: 0466 351 525

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