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What is Pyrrole Disorder    ‘

PYRROLE disorder is a condition with many physical and psychological symptoms.    Pyrrole disorder, also known as Pyroluria, Kryptopyroluria, Kryptopyrole, Hemepyrrole or Mauve disorder, is a biochemical imbalance involving an abnormality in haemoglobin synthesis that can be purely genetic or acquired through environmental and emotional stress and especially from ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and the over use of antibiotics.

Signs and Symptoms

White spots on fingernails (zinc deficiency) is a strong sign of this problem. Hypoglycemia/sugar intolerance is common, as are food and environmental allergies.   Other common symptoms are joint pains (especially knee pain), fatigue, headaches (especially migraine headaches), bowel dysfunction such as irritable bowel syndrome, easy bruising, dizziness, insomnia, poor memory and difficulty concentrating. Poor stress control, nervousness, anxiety, mood swings, severe inner tension, episodic anger, poor short-term memory and depression are other common symptoms.   These symptoms are common, and not everyone who has them will have pyroluria and not everyone with this disorder will have all of the symptoms and may even have only two, but have difficulty treating these symptoms with the usual methods

Pyrrole Disorder can best be described as the abnormal synthesis and metabolism of the oxygen carrying molecule in the blood, called haemoglobin.  All cells in the body produce waste or by-products and the by-product of haemoglobin is a metabolite called hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one (HPL) also known as Pyrrole.   People who suffer from Pyrrole Disorder produce excessive amounts of HPL which, binds to or inhibits the nutrients; Zinc, vitamin B6, Biotin, and the Omega 6 Fat from reaching their targets within the body.  This effectively renders these nutrients unavailable.   The HPL binds zinc and B6 preventing their use by the body and causing excretion in the urine and hair.  It is a biomarker for oxidative stress and is neurotoxic.  Stress of any kind will increase the production of pyrroles/HPL which in turn decreases zinc and B6.

Treating Pyrroles

First things first, if you have symptoms that may indicate you have Pyrroles the first step is to test to ensure the condition is real.   Then your naturopath will begin a treatment protocol to get you back on the path to recovery.   As people start treatment they may feel terrible as heavy metals and other toxins are released into circulation and their immune system is activated, causing microbial toxins to also be released.   Treatment is introduced gradually and it is not advisable for people to self-medicate as B6 and zinc toxicity can also be an issue as some patients are unable to utilise these nutrients properly and so close observation by an experienced practitioner is important.

Supplements that will correct the pyroluria will not resolve all of the problems, as those who have pyrrole disorder tend to have chronic microbial infections, a sea of accumulated toxins and a history of emotional wounds to address.  Correcting the pyroluria, however, will allow them to respond appropriately to other treatments that would have been previously ineffective and help them to finally move down the road towards true healing.

Any questions or concerns?  This is quite a complicated area of treatment so make an appointment to see a Naturopath or discuss with your Naturopath next visit.  Our Naturopaths Can Help

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