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Cellular Health Analysis

Take the guess work out of losing your excess weight and put the brakes on your ageing process!
Scales can ultimately only tell you one thing – your weight -that’s what their designed to do. This can often leave you confused and disappointed because you think you are not achieving your body composition goals… but what if you are but don’t know it?

How Old Are you Really?
Bio Impedance Analysis is a scientifically validated test which measure fat mass, muscle mass, cellular toxicity, cellular fluid levels, cellular vitality (energy), and your personal dietary requirements of water, protein, carbohydrates and fats to help you to achieve your health goals. It will specifically target areas that need attention and assess your vitality (energy) levels. It also measures your biological age, the actual age at which your body is performing.

This test provides an accurate status of your health, which enables targeting of specific treatment plans to your individual needs. This not only reduces the cost of unnecessary treatment but also provides subjective information as your health readings are instantly analysed and charted over time.

The test is used in all our weight loss programs as well as to help us ascertain your
biological age, toxicity levels and cellular toxicity.

The Bio Impedance Analysis is a scientifically validated test which allows your practitioner to measure your progress with your weight loss program. It is so important that you know what you are losing (fat, muscle and/or water). This is the key to helping you speed up your metabolism as you lose weight, rather than slowing it down!

Ever wondered why on some weight loss programs it gets harder and harder to get those last few kilo’s off? Basically, it’s because you’ve lost more than just fat! In short you lost muscle, which in turn slows down your metabolism. It is invaluable to know exactly what is happening to your body. This way you can make informed decisions based on sound knowledge to gain your best health, guaranteed. 


Make an appointment today to discover a better pathway to health or discuss with your practitioner next visit about the benefits of this valuable and easy to do test.

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