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Heart Screening

Heart Screening ‘It’s time to Love your Heart!’

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) affects more than 3.5 million Australians – that’s two out of every three families. It is the leading cause of death in Australia – every ten minutes someone dies of a heart attack.
  •  Heart Health Screening is a comprehensive, non-invasive technology that identifies a person’s risk of developing heart disease before serious, irreversible damage or sudden death occurs.
  •  Heart Health Screening uses Pulse Wave Analysis – a powerful tool in determining a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  •  This safe, non-invasive 30 minute test puts you in control of your heart health.
Live longer by choice, not by chance.

Many people become victims of heart disease without possessing notably abnormal risk factor patterns. Certain factors and particularly in combination make some people more vulnerable to developing cardiovascular disease. Standard heart assessments are generally performed after the symptoms arrived and when cardiovascular disease is already well advanced.

Nothing like traditional analysis, Heart Health Screening does not rely on the presence of severe channel narrowing of arterial system to predict problems. It combines conventional tests with Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) and sophisticated mathematical analysis.

How Heart Health Screening helps you.
Heart Health Screening provides a first-line defence in early detection of cardiovascular disease, whereas standard tests have relied on the existence of advanced disease (in the form of severe channel blockages) to discern problems with the arteries. Heart Health’s innovative, cutting edge assessment makes it possible to detect early signs of deterioration before serious damage has occurred. Whether you’re at low risk or high risk, a snapshot of your cardiovascular health can arm you with the information required to ensure a healthy cardiovascular future.

Here’s how Heart Health Screening loves your heart.

1. Prevention:
Screening for early signs of cardiovascular disease.  You’re healthy, symptom free, with no obvious risk factors. But how are your arteries? Heart Health Screening can detect the presence of early-stage CVD long before symptoms manifest. If caught early enough, simple lifestyle changes, sometimes combined with medication, can arrest and even reverse arterial deterioration – and reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke.

2. Comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular disease status:
If you have risk factors, symptoms or established cardiovascular abnormalities, Heart Health Screening is able to assess their impact on your overall cardiovascular health, and determine the likelihood of a future coronary event.

3. Cardiovascular disease management:
Long term monitoring.  Heart Health can play an important role in ongoing disease management.  Regular reviews enable you and your healthcare professional to monitor the efficacy of therapeutic regimes and/or lifestyle changes.

How does Heart Health Screening work? 
While Heart Health Screening relies on sophisticated technology to obtain a clear picture of your heart and arteries, the testing procedure itself is non-invasive, pain free and performed at rest.  Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) is able to detect the earliest signs of deterioration in your arteries. It accurately assesses the condition of the aorta, your body’s biggest artery. Increased stiffness in this artery, which is common in people at risk of heart disease, is a major cause of excessive heart strain as well as of strokes.

Your Results
Recommendations for treatments and/or lifestyle modifications are provided, which you can discuss with your healthcare professional.

Are you at risk?
While smoking, high blood pressure and being overweight make cardiovascular problems much more likely; many people become victims of heart disease without possessing particularly abnormal risk factors. Almost always, there is no one factor which by itself could be said to have caused CVD, rather, the CVD has resulted from the existence of several minor factors, which in combination have a synergistic influence on each other.  Many people become victims of heart disease without possessing notably abnormal risk factor patterns. Nevertheless, certain factors – and particularly in combination – render some people more vulnerable to developing cardiovascular disease. If you have one or a number of these factors, Heart Health Screening can determine their impact on your overall cardiovascular condition:

  •       Diabetes
  •       High blood pressure
  •       Kidney disease
  •       Smoking
  •       Obesity
  •       Family history of CVD or stroke
  •       High cholesterol
  •       Inactivity
  •       Psychosocial factors – stress, depression, loneliness
  •       Advancing age
How is our Heart Screening different to other tests for cardiovascular disease?
The Heart Health advantage.  When it comes to safeguarding your cardiovascular future, early detection is vital. However, standard heart assessments are generally performed after the onset of symptoms (remembering that sometimes the first sign of coronary problems is a heart attack or stroke), when cardiovascular disease is already well advanced.  Unlike traditional, invasive (and often expensive) investigations, Heart Health Screening does not rely on the presence of severe channel narrowing (a very late sign) to foretell problems in the arterial system. By combining conventional tests with pulse wave analysis, Heart Health’s comprehensive, non-invasive assessment can determine the true condition of your heart and arteries, detecting the earliest stages of arterial deterioration – before it causes real harm.  Prevention clearly is the best medicine. Heart Health’s innovative cutting edge technology is a pivotal tool in both the early detection and ongoing management of cardiovascular disease.

Early detection can save your life. Don’t wait until it’s too late!! 

Early detection of heart disease can help prevent and even reverse arterial deterioration, and reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke.  While we know there are factors that can affect a person’s cardiovascular condition, many people become victims of heart disease without possessing any abnormal risk factors.  Standard heart assessments can be expensive, time consuming, invasive and generally performed after the onset of symptoms.


Where does Pulse Wave Analysis fit in the cardiovascular disease spectrum?

For the past 20 years, newer technologies have been researched and introduced in the detection of heart disease, a central one being the Pulse Wave Analysis test. Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) is a simple, non-invasive test that measures each pulse emanating from the heart. This is conveniently measured at the wrist, thus not requiring disrobing, lying down or exercise. The computer then takes the information detected at the wrist and converts it (via a process known as a transfer function) to a central pulse. From the central pulse information, small and large vessel stiffness is measured and this has been shown in numerous studies to be an accurate predictor for future cardiac risk.

Cholesterol, blood pressure, cigarette smoking, diabetes and family history are frequently used to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, over the past decades there have emerged newer, more accurate screening techniques that have a much greater predictive value than traditional methods.

“Although these basic risk factors are vital aspects of a preventative assessment, they are not always strong enough to predict who will and who won’t go on to some form of cardiovascular disease,” Dr Walker said. “Similarly, for too long, people have relied on the ‘executive stress test’ which has little predictive value in a population of people with no symptoms. However, two key screening tests have emerged in the last ten years; CT scanning of the coronary arteries (looking for the amount of coronary artery calcium) and Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) which measures arterial stiffness.”

Coronary calcium scoring using CT scanning is more expensive and involves radiation but is a highly accurate predictor for future cardiac risk. PWA is less expensive, completely non-invasive, doesn’t involve radiation, and is painless. This method forms the key part of the Heart Health Screening check. “PWA has very reproducible results and can be used as an ongoing monitoring tool,” Dr Walker explains. “The stiffer your arteries as measured by Pulse Wave Analysis, the more atherosclerosis (fat build up in the wall of your arteries) present in most cases. There are now a number of well conducted peers reviewed scientific trials attesting to its accuracy.”

The difference between PWA and stress testing is that PWA looks at the wall where the disease is building up for decades before it in fact ruptures to cause a clinical event. Pulse Wave Analysis is therefore a legitimate screening test for heart disease whereas stress testing is not.

Techniques such as Pulse Wave Analyses are more accurate predictors of risk than is the commonly used stress testing. Heart Health Screening is one of the key tests for preventative screening.

The first step to loving your heart?  Take the Heart Health test!

Simply contact our clinic and make an appointment to see one of our highly trained Heart Health technicians.

Your Heart will love you for it!! & the test only takes 45 minutes.

Common Questions about Heart Screening

1. Which particular customers will benefit from Heart Health Screening / who should consider Heart Health Screening?
Many people fall victim to CVD without exhibiting abnormal risk factor patterns. For this reason even seemingly well people will benefit from a Heart Health test (especially those with a family history). However, there are certain people who are particular candidates, for example, those over 40 years of age.
2. Is there anyone that should not consider Heart Health Screening?
Heart Health Screening is not recommended for those with a pacemaker or who have cardiac arrhythmias’ as they make the Heart Health results less reliable and make it difficult to obtain a clear picture of your heart.  It is safe for these customers to have the test; however, the results are less accurate. Heart is safe for pregnant women, but will make their waist to hip ratio and body mass index inaccurate.
3. What is our return policy?
We do not permit the return of or offer refunds for Heart Health Screening.
4. What happens to the results?
A report will be available for your Health Care Practitioner who will offer an explanation of the test including any remedial action or recommendations to be taken.
5. What does the customer do to prepare for their test? Will they have to fast?
We will inform you of preparations you may need to complete before your test. Generally though, you should refrain from caffeine and cigarettes prior to the test.
6. Is this one of those treadmill tests?
No, Heart Health does not require the customer to run on a treadmill, or engage in any strenuous activity. The whole test is done at rest whilst lying down, with no risk involved.
7. Is it going to hurt?
Heart Health Screening is not invasive and does not require exercise.
8. What is Pulse Wave Analysis? (PWA)
PWA looks at the stiffness and flexibility of the arteries, which is a feature of progressive heart disease, and also measures the blood pressure at the aorta (the main vessel of the heart). Measurement of the blood pressure at the aorta is more accurate than mid-arm blood pressure. This is done by placing a tonometer (pen like device which measures pressure) on the inside of the wrist, recording for a few minutes. PWA is an important test that can identify the early stages of heart disease, before serious damage occurs. It can also be used as a management tool for clients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.
9. What is Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)?
s a simple, non invasive test that identifies the risk of peripheral vascular disease and blockages in the arteries of the legs which can cause stroke. This is done by performing two blood pressures on the patient’s ankles.
10. What is Heart Health Screening?
Heart Health Screening is comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment test for the early detection and management of heart disease. It is a painless and non invasive test that identifies your risk factors for heart disease.

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