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Tips on how to quit smoking

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When it comes to giving up smoking, what is your reason? You’ll need to keep this front of mind for those times that you’re feeling irritable and you’re just in the habit of going for a smoke.

But you might be surprised at how quickly your body starts to repair itself once you quit smoking and knowing the milestones might give you that extra bit of incentive.

Some milestones you can enjoy

  • After just 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure start to go down.
  • 12 hours after quitting smoking the levels of carbon monoxide in your body return to normal and oxygen starts to circulate in its place, aiding in tissue recovery.
  • Congratulations, after only 24 hours you’ve already decreased your risk of a heart attack.
  • 48 hours after you’ve quit smoking and you might start to feel quite irritable, but your damaged nerve endings are starting to repair and regrow and you may find your taste buds are more heightened and things will start to taste and smell better, and that juicy steak will taste even juicier.
  • Breathe easy, it’s been 72 hours and your bronchial tubes are opening and you will find breathing a lot easier.
  • One-week has passed and your less likely to fall back into the habit of smoking.
  • Two weeks and you’re breathing a lot easier as your circulation is better.
  • One month and you’ll feel more energised and your congestion and sinuses are relieved.

If you take these milestones into consideration it is a great way to motivate yourself into giving up smoking.

Stay on track and keep trying

Prepare yourself for going cold turkey, but also prepare those around you. You are likely to get moody, irritable, and likely to fall back into bad habits, so the more support you gather from peers, colleagues, family and friends, the better.

Talk to your doctor about how to alleviate some of the side-affects of quitting smoking.

Consider a nicotine substitute or patch instead of falling back into smoking again.

Keep yourself busy and focus on something other than the urge to smoke, and try and steer clear of unnecessary stress where possible.

Alcohol seems to be a big trigger for smokers, so try and steer clear of any routines that will make you fall back into bad habits where possible.

If you do have one drag, or one cigarette, don’t see it as a failure and just give up; keep trying and remember the milestones you can reach in your health.

Put all the money you would usually spend on cigarettes into a money tin and use the money to treat yourself to a nice massage or mini break.

With your new lung capacity, it might be time to get moving and start exercising, not only will it take your mind off smoking it will fill your body with natural endorphins and make you feel great.

Get support from your local naturopath

Talk to Olea Health in Eatons Hill, we are here to assist you on your journey to good health. Just remember that it’s never too late to quit.

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