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What you need to know before you begin your weight loss journey

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Did you know that Australia is ranked amongst the highest obesity rate in the world? Yes, more Australians than ever before are overweight.

If you’ve decided that now is the time to take control of your health and embark upon a weight loss journey, there are a few things you need to know first.

Weight Management – Get Started Today!

Firstly, congratulations on deciding to take the first steps towards a healthier future; if you are overweight, a weigh loss journey can prevent cancers, dementia, back pain, asthma, diabetes, the risk of a heart attack, and many other diseases that are brought on by obesity.

Talk to Olea Health and get a plan in place. You don’t have to do your weight loss journey alone, in fact, the more help and support you gather the better. Our weight management programs help you set realistic goals and plan the best weight loss journey for you.

Remember that when you are on a weight loss journey, the number on the scales is just a number and not something you should track your progress by. Muscle weighs more than fat, and if you are incorporating weight training into your exercise plan you can expect to gain weight. So, don’t be disheartened if the numbers aren’t adding up.

Get clued up on your calories and understand how to make good choices. Filling up on empty calories or white carbohydrates, won’t be as beneficial as consuming good proteins.

Take ownership of your food intake with a food diary. That handful of chips here, or biscuit there can soon end up costing you a few hundred calories a day, so track every bit of food and drink you consume for a week or two and discuss them with Olea Health, you might be surprised at how the snacks add up.

Be prepared and make healthy food easy and accessible, as often bad choices are made out of convenience.

Reward yourself; this doesn’t necessarily need to be with a cheat day but allow yourself a reward and some freedom to eat a treat once a week.

Change your habits, drink more water, sleep more, and adopt healthier habits.

Remember that this is a journey, and whilst you might have an ideal weight-loss goal in mind, the destination is a healthier lifestyle that is on-going.

Take control of your weight-loss

Losing weight the right way is important, and fad diets may yield quick results, but they don’t lead to a healthier, and sustainable lifestyle. Talk to Olea Health in Eatons Hill, we use scientifically proven methods and products that work. With our support, what have you got to lose apart from the weight?

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